Sekarang Anda Dapat Mengetahui Dimana Slot Itu Dan Bagaimana Itu Akan Memberi Anda Keajaiban Dalam Ayunan Golf Anda!

Sekarang Anda Dapat Mengetahui Dimana Slot Itu Dan Bagaimana Itu Akan Memberi Anda Keajaiban Dalam Ayunan Golf Anda!

I can’t believe I’ve missed telling you all about this all-important golf instructional step.
I’ve been running around it for years now, but real-life experience has shown me that even the most frequently talked about golf swing moves can be made to sound incredibly complex.

I want not to complicate the “magic move”. If you want to hit a golf ball with authority and maintain a good angle through impact, you need to get this one right.

So here it is, the SLOT.

This is the only place a golf club absolutely must visit to get a good path and angle of attack on a golf ball. This is what Harvey Penick talks about in his “Little Red Book”

That’s what Ben Hogan won’t talk about because of the magic of his great golf swing. And the hidden secret of his magic moves. Kinda funny now.

This is the SLOTS.

First, make sure we 100% agree that there is never one move in the golf swing that solves all problems. There are steps to take to even think about repairs. This is one of those moves, please don’t think that it will cure everything. Will not.

But, it will go a long way to make sure you make one of the most important moves in the swing. If you can get a club in the “slots” of your bottom swing, you have a good chance of making good contacts when impacted. And the results will be simply amazing.

So here it is, pay attention. Explaining this will not be easy. Making moves will be easier.

I played a round the other day and found that I didn’t hit the ball with a sharp solid feeling. The ball didn’t react well and I missed the target and it didn’t feel right. I played like dog shit all day. I can’t wait to hit the range.

It took me two days before I got to the range to handle the swing. I often find that if some time passes, I won’t have much to do to fix what’s broken.

Not so this time. The same thing. It just doesn’t feel right. And the ball still doesn’t react well at all.

I always go back to basics first. Grip, set-up, alignment, angle and so on.

Check, check, check!

Tidak! Sekarang aku khawatir. Kontak buruk keseimbangan buruk. Apakah itu betis? Oooooh laki-laki!

Perasaan? Frustrasi, khawatir, kaget dan kagum, marah, bingung, semakin marah, lebih frustrasi, saya berkata pada diri sendiri untuk melupakannya dan mulai berbisnis, dan saya melakukannya, tetapi tidak tanpa masih sangat marah di dalam.

Karena saya merasa backswing saya selalu sama, saya cenderung melihat ke bawah terlebih dahulu.

Saya suka membawanya ke atas dan kemudian perlahan-lahan melatih klub ke berbagai posisi yang saya rasa sangat penting untuk ayunan golf saya (dan Anda). Semua jalan ke dampak dan kemudian untuk menyelesaikan.

LAMBAT ! Dan saya tidak memukul bola. Saya menggunakannya sebagai pengingat ke mana klub seharusnya pergi dan di mana bagian tubuh saya seharusnya berada di konser dengan klub.

Suddenly, I noticed that I could actually see ” SLOT”.


Maybe I need to see and feel it.

So I started working to make sure that the clubs fit into the slots. I used a small swing, a short backswing, into the slot and hit. I drop my right elbow straight in front of my bent right hipbone. Not behind him, but in front of him, I actually tried to scratch my elbow into the bone in front of my right hip.

This worked………….and it fixed my condition for now.

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